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Long Island Web Design

Your website is the online equivalent of a storefront on the street, we understand you your window display should catch the attention of prospective clients. Once they're inside your online business, you offer beautiful displays that make it easy for them to find your services. You greet them in a friendly way and inspire confidence that you stand behind all your offers. Blue Barn Graphics Long Island web design creates the online equivalent of that perfect street presence for your business.

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We Tell the World Who You Are
We use all the tools of color, typeface and image to communicate your brand. Design is a complex blend of different elements, from how the space on the page is organized to the navigation pathway that your users will follow. We create websites that have rich content to keep customers' interest, including videos and valuable take-away content. After your customers visit your website, they'll understand your business -- but (more importantly) they'll feel that your business understands them! Blue Barn Graphics Long Island web design is expert at perceiving your business identity and communicating it to the world.

Building, Hosting, Maintenance: We do it All
Just ask us about all the possibilities of our custom packages. We can start from scratch, putting together a custom collection of services that meet your needs exactly. You won't have to go to a dozen different places for domain registration, web-hosting, email addresses, search-engine optimization and logo design.

If you just want a turn-key operation, where you funnel your new information to us and it magically turns up on your website, Blue Barn Graphics Long Island web design is happy to do that. We're experienced in all aspects of creating a unique online presence for you: We create and develop the images that spell out your brand, and we use all the video content and exciting social network options to give your site a vibrant, state-of-the-art look.

Expert SEO
Great website optimization (SEO) starts with solid, streamlined coding. Blue Barn Graphics Long Island web design incorporates high-quality construction elements that you won't even see; we start from the ground up, building a sturdy functional site that gets noticed by search enginesbecause it conforms to all the evolving website standards. We streamline navigation and create solid functionality that works as well on mobile devices as it does on large-screen monitors. We focus on the logical details of navigation, placing each link exactly where your users expect to find it, and making it easy for them to find everything they're looking for.

Take the first step towards growing your business: Contact us at (631) 428-7246, let's talk about what you have in mind so that we can help make it a reality!

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